Wake Up to Genuine Connection.

Awake Uvita is Excited to Announce our First Retreat.

Authentic Relating Level 1 Training
& Integration Retreat

This retreat starts with the ART International Level 1 training weekend that will be lead by co-founder Ryel Kestano. This course will be followed by an authentic relating integration retreat lead by Govinda and co-facilitated with Vero and Drew. The Level 1 weekend training can be attended separately or together with the integration retreat. 


About the ART training Level 1 – 26 through 28 February 2021 : 

The ART International school of authentic relating offers life-changing courses that empower you to be more alive, awake and aware in all your relationships – with self, others, and the world. You can find all informations regarding this level 1 training and book on : https://authenticrelating.co/courses/level-1/

From ART International : “Our experienced Course Leaders expertly guide you through a curriculum that strongly emphasizes embodied and experiential learning. This is not a lecture or seminar – it is a deep dive full-immersion training that will leave you enlivened, heart and mind-opened, and deeply connected to yourself and others.”


As a graduate of the ART Level 1 course, you will leave with:

  • The ability to engage in deep, meaningful, soulful conversations with anyone, anytime, anywhere
  • A powerful language and skill-set to accurately and transparently express your authentic experience in real time, and to invite others to do the same
  • The awareness to identify your true, core desires, and the ability to articulate them to others
  • A profound understanding of the dignity of speaking your authentic voice, and the humility of using your eyes and ears to pay attention to – and learn from – the world around you
  • The ability to see and reflect the essential being in others, and to gently guide them into a space in which they can be fully, wholly themselves – one of the greatest gifts we can offer each other
  • A complete set of powerful tools to de-escalate conflict and to use conflict as a vehicle leading to deeper connection, understanding, and empathy
  • A restored connection to childlike genuine curiosity, and a perspective that regards the world with awe and wonder
  • The ability to set powerful context at both the personal and collective levels, and a clear understanding of how influential context is in informing our experience of life
  • An experience of profoundly vulnerable, intimate, beautiful connections with other participants that will leave you inspired, delighted, and heart-opened


About the Integration Retreat – 1-5 March 2021 :

You are invited to join us for a journey of deep practice and integration of the life transforming tools and skills that you will learn in the ART Level 1 weekend training. We are creating this unique opportunity to practice and embody these skills as a group that will have gone through the level 1 training together. This integration retreat will provide a safe and supportive context that is designed to let the tools and skills of ART Level 1 training reach and settle deep within you for a permanent transformation of your relational life. 

During this retreat, we will share authentic relating practices and games with a focus on bringing to life the main dimensions of what we will have learned during the weekend. We will reflect on the challenges and difficulties that might arise in participants around authenticity, recognising them as opportunities for connection. We will revisit the concepts of level 1 in the light of the relational experience of the group. We will support deep connection and presence to self and deep connection and presence to others, opening ourselves to the gifts of our mutual mirroring. 

Additionally, we will share : 

  • Waterfall adventure and beach sunset
  • Singing circle around the fire in our indigenous temple
  • Elemental ritual to mark our passage into a new stage of our relational experience

And optionally : 

  • Kirtan celebration
  • Sound healing integration
  • Breathwork
  • Sweat lodge
  • Meditation

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Date And Time

Friday, February 26th @ 03:00 PM to
Friday, March 5th @ 03:00 PM 

Registration End Date

Thursday, February 25th


Uvita de Osa, Puntarenas, Costa Rica3 minutes from BCR


All costs include both ART level 1 training and the following Integration Retreat

(from $899 to $1244 depending on accommodation)

Bring Your Own Tent – $899
Awake Tent with Extra Bamboo Roof – $999
Shared Bunk Bed – $999
Shared Twin Room – $1,099
Single bedroom – $1,199
Small double for couple – $999
Double Bedroom for couple – $1,099
Casita with own bathroom – single use – $1,344
Casita with own bathroom – for couple – $1,244

We Invite You to Join Us.

If you’re interested in more information or in being a part of this beautiful and transformational gathering please email be@awake.cr or leave your message here!